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Research Papers

"Investment, Vintage Technology and Productivity: Theory and Evidence", (with F. Scoccianti). Bibtex. (Draft available upon request.)

"Search Frictions, Labor Supply and the Asymmetric Business Cycle", (with D. Ferraro). Bibtex.

"The Aging of the Baby Boomers: Demographics and Propagation of Tax Shocks", (with D. Ferraro). Bibtex.
Forthcoming at American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics.

"Hours and Employment over the Business Cycle: A Structural Analysis", (with M. Cacciatore and N. J. Traum). Appendix.
Bibtex. Accepted at Review of Economic Dynamics.

"Green Policies, Aggregate Investment Dynamics and Vintage Effects", (with N. J. Traum). Bibtex.

"Market Reforms at the Zero Lower Bound", (with M. Cacciatore, F. Ghironi, and R. Duval). The analysis of reforms
in the 2016 IMF-World Economic Outlook is based on the results in this paper. Appendix.
IMF Working Paper version. CEPR Working Paper version. NBER Working Paper version. Bibtex.
R&R at Journal of Money, Credit and Banking.

"Market Deregulation and Optimal Monetary Policy in a Monetary Union",  Journal of International Economics, 2016 - vol. 99, 120-137,
(with M. Cacciatore and F. Ghironi). Appendix. NBER WP version. CEPR DP version. A non-technical note is available here. Bibtex.

"Market Reforms in Time of Imbalance", Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 2016 - vol. 72, 69-93.
(with M. Cacciatore, R. Duval, and F. Ghironi). Appendix. NBER WP version. CEPR DP version. Bibtex.

"The Domestic and International Effects of Euro Area Market Reforms",
Research in Economics, 2015 - vol. 69, 555-581, (with M. Cacciatore, R. Duval, and F. Ghironi). Bibtex.

"Short-Term Pain for Long-Term Gain? Market Deregulation and Monetary Policy in Small Open Economies",
Journal of International Money and Finance, 2016 - vol. 68, 358-385, (with M. Cacciatore, R. Duval, and F. Ghironi).
NBER WP version. CEPR DP version. Bibtex.

"The Macroeconomic Effects of Goods and Labor Markets Deregulation", Review of Economic Dynamics, 2016 - vol. 20, 1-24 (lead article),
(with M. Cacciatore). Appendix. Bibtex.

"Employment Effects of Product and Labour Market Reforms: Are there Synergies?", Economic Journal, 2012 - vol. 122(558), F79-F104,
(with G. Nicoletti, S. Scarpetta, and F. Schiantarelli). IZA WP version. Media briefing. Bibtex.

"Lumpiness, Capital Adjustment Costs and Investment Dynamics", Journal of Monetary Economics, 2012 vol. 58(4), 371-382. Bibtex.


Other Publications

"The Macroeconomics of Regulation", book review (with M. Cacciatore), International Finance, 2015 - vol. 18(3), 343-360. Bibtex.